Bruidsplaza Groningen

Bruidsplaza Groningen

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Arrange your wedding in one day!


Getting married or planning your mariage? Then this is your event to attend!  

Bruidsplaza Groningen is the biggest event of the North where you can arrange a full 

wedding in one day. 


What to expect?


Whether you are looking for a wedding dress and/or - suit, a wedding cake, a location to get married and ofcourse a wedding planner to let a professional do the work! You can talk to the professionals on this big Wedding Event in Groningen on the unique location of FC Groningen.


A weddingplanner


A wedding planner is someone who can arrange everything related to your wedding.  The big advantage is that they know the best venues and these venues will make a good deal with the weddingplanner. Since they will supply new clients in the future.


He or she will give you advice and help you with the preparations. In addition, a wedding planner ensures that no details are overlooked. 


The planner develops a shared view of your wedding. Do you like it informal, formal, with humor or very romantic or completely different! How do you want the biggest day of your life to be captured, via video or photo?

The planner also offers help in putting together a realistic wedding budget, selecting a location for the ceremony and for a possible party and are often excellent negotiators. They can also organize fun decorations, invitations and other stylish items. They provide support with the wedding labels and with inviting guests to the festivities. They could even advise on allocating seating for the guests, they create a timeline of all activities, act as a spokesperson and coordinate everything on the day itself.

The perfect wedding dress or suit


On the fair you will find several shops that offer the perfect dresses, suits, shoes and other unique items that will make you feel good at the luckiest day of your life. The shop Stijlmeester is a specialist in Groningen for suits, dresses and many more!


And more


But there is way more to see and experience, meet wedding photographers and moviemakers, get to know the perfect wedding venues in Groningen (there are a lot in Groningen we can make a different item for it), jewelries, decorations, music and wedding artists, but above all….  get to know all the upcoming trends in the world of weddings!




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