Euroborg Stadium FC Groningen

Euroborg Stadium FC Groningen

Iconic Stadium


Euroborg, the iconic stadium of FC Groningen seamlessly blends comfort, cutting-edge technology, and an unmistakable English charm.

How it started


Since 2006, this football sanctuary has been a proud home ground of FC Groningen, embodying the contemporary atmosphere while radiating the allure of the future.

Go to the Euroborg, where the green-and-white spirit thrives, propelling towards an ultimate goal: Eredivisie football at its pinnacle.

Architected by the renowned firm Wiel Arets in Maastricht, Euroborg stands as one of Groningen's architectural gems alongside the Martini Tower, Groninger Museum, and Gasunie Building. This unique complex, comprising two rings, can accommodate 22,550 spectators, offering an intimate experience with stands strategically positioned near the field.

The stadium's design, reminiscent of the English football ambiance of the former Oosterpark Stadium, features transparent glass circulation between the rings.

But there is more to Euroborg than soccer


Housing a fitness center, entrances to offices, and the training center, this design creates an engaging environment. Rising approximately 30 meters high, with apartments and offices reaching up to 70 meters, the Euroborg was a €45.5 million investment covered by five financial sources.

Supporters of FC Groningen


The supporters, the heartbeat of the players, played a pivotal role in shaping the stadium. Through brainstorming sessions and surveys, FC fans voiced their preferences, influencing the placement of stands closer to the field and the creation of a supporters curve behind one of the goals. This expansive section, spanning the entire width of the field, serves as a rallying point for fervent supporters, generating a resounding wall of sound and atmosphere.

A city within a city


More than just a stadium, Euroborg is a city within the city, offering a myriad of functions. From sports facilities to residential apartments, cinemas, shops, a casino, a hotel, and educational spaces, it has become a vibrant hub that transcends matchdays.

The construction of this multifunctional stadium not only secured the future of professional football in Groningen but also revitalized the regional appeal of the city. A key cornerstone in the new Europapark urban district, Euroborg serves as a catalyst for economic development, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of Groningen.

We recommend to go see the Euroborg, where passion meets purpose, and football thrives. 

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