Tuin in de Stad

Tuin in de Stad

TuinindeStad was founded in 2009 at the former Voortman nursery on the Friesestraatweg.

In 2016 they moved to the Westpark, behind Vinkhuizen. A place where everybody can enjoy the outdoor life. After more than 2 years of construction, they have a beautiful building, constructed from straw and loam with largely reuse of other building materials.


The building has a large kitchen, with all facilities; a living room with space for 50 to 80 m/f, depending on the layout. The building is surrounded by a roof, with (dry and covered) the shop where we sell plants, the studio, the greenhouse and a covered terrace. When the weather is nice, there are even more intimate terrace areas all around outside.


We also have a vegetable garden, a nursery for ornamental plants, a Christmas tree forest (yearly you can adopt your christmas tree here and bring it back after the most wonderful time of the year).

There is a campsite and a playground with willow maze and fire pit.


At Tuin in Stad they collect rainwater to water the plants. Excess water flows via a stream to the rock island behind the greenhouse, a place where many frogs reside.

Above all, there is space. You can work, run and play. In the Westpark, 15 minutes by bike from the Martini Tower, the city is in the background.

Check the agenda for the activities or sign up for their newsletter and you will stay informed. Organize something yourself at Tuinindestad or need space for a party or other activity, do not hesitate to contact them for the possibilities.