The Watersports Association De Twee Provinciën (VWDTP)

The Watersports Association De Twee Provinciën (VWDTP)

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The Water Sports Association De Twee Provinciën (VWDTP) is a water sports club located on the Paterswoldsemeer in Haren, on the border of Groningen and Drenthe. The association is affiliated with the Royal Dutch Water Sports Association and has approximately 800 members, with 200 active competitive sailors and 300 to 400 recreational sailors. The other members are not active sailors, but are actively involved in the association.

The association has its own grounds with moorings both in the water and on shore. There are two slipways and two cranes. As a member it is possible to rent a berth here.

A bit of history

The association was founded as sailing club De Twee Provinciën on July 3, 1911 by seventeen sailors from the Paterswoldsemeer. In 1912, the sailing club joined the Vereeniging Watersport Paterswolde, founded by Jan Evert Scholten. In 1974, both associations merged into the Association Watersport de Twee Provinciën or VWDTP for short.


In honor of the 100th anniversary of the VWDTP, the book "Op eigen kiel" was published in 2011. The book describes the extensive history of the association and several anecdotes. On July 3, 2011, the then Queen Beatrix visited the VWDTP in honor of the association's anniversary, during which she conducted a fleet review.

The Clubhouse Society

The current VWDTP society (the Clubhouse) was built in 1917 on behalf of Jan Evert Scholten. The building was designed by the architect Jan Kuiler. The construction cost 40,000 guilders at the time.

After 1945 the building fell into disrepair. However, major maintenance was carried out in the late 1970s and the maintenance was completed in 1984. In 2004, additional maintenance was carried out to restore the building to its original state and also to make rental possible of some of the spaces.

What to do?

The association provides sailing lessons for young and old. There are also sailing competitions, which are well known for their high level.

Open water swimming lessons are taught. This sport is emerging and very popular.
There are also rowing lessons.

It is an association that relies on volunteers with a warm heart for water sports. Do you want to sail yourself and not take lessons? That is possible, it is also possible to rent boats.

The canteen is always very pleasant and cheerful. On Sundays you can sail here and moor for a beer or a snack. All extremely affordable and perhaps with the best view on Paterswoldsemeer.