De Suikertuin

The former Suikerunie site has been transformed into De Suikertuin. One of the city's hotspots. Bursting with space and conviviality. This is the place to be for a terrace, delicious food, listening to music and children's theater. Relax with your feet in the sand of the city beach, have food dropped off or explore the water fields.


What to do?

There is so much to do around here that we could write some more pages about the Suikertuin.  But here is an impression of it; festivals, dance events like Paradigm, an urban camping and a creative hostel, a city beach and canoe rental, a rooftop terrace an last but not least it is an event location for big events and an alternative marketplace for startup and popup shops.


By car: you can park behind the Zeefgebouw via Suikerlaan.

On foot or by bike: from the city you follow the Hoendiep. At the end of the Hoendiep you cross the railway and go straight under the viaduct. You take the first exit on the left (after the McDonalds) onto Energieweg. There you drive straight ahead until you reach the bridge over the water.

Public transport: from central station or Zuiderdiep take bus line 8 (city bus) or line 39 towards Surhuisterveen. Get off at the Hoendiep/Meubelboulevard stop. Walk to the Energieweg, and then to the bridge over the water.