Storywold cartoon museum

Storywold cartoon museum

Did you know?


Did you know that the Musuem of Storywold was awarded to be one of the best kidsproof museums of the Netherlands?
So you have all reason to go there if your kids or yourself love cartoons, superheroes and comics.


What to expect


Enter the realm of Storyworld, where the secrets of master storytellers come to life. This immersive experience celebrates the techniques employed in Dutch and international comics, animation, and games. Here, every iconic superhero or villain traces its origins back to a simple pencil stroke on a pristine sheet of paper – from the legendary Asterix and Aladdin to the captivating characters like The Red Turtle and Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn.

Storyworld beckons you to engage actively with the fundamental elements and intricacies of comics, animation, and games. Dive into the process of comprehending a graphic story and explore the art of crafting one yourself.


Original comic collections


Featuring a diverse collection spanning comics, animation, and games, Storyworld proudly houses a contemporary array of works. From cartoon storyboards to animated film props and interactive games, our offerings provide a comprehensive exploration of these captivating mediums. Notably, a portion of our esteemed comic collection is a legacy inherited from the Comic Museum, which gracefully concluded its chapter in early 2019.


Your own Storyworld Passport


Explore Storyworld. Discover this museum with the Storyworld Passport full of adventurous detective, puzzle and drawing assignments. Draw yourself as a superhero or villain, make your own pixel art figure and answer the questions about what you see in the museum. You will receive your Passport at the cash register when you visit Storyworld.

Where and When?


For those seeking the entrance to this captivating universe, look no further than the sixth floor of Forum Groningen, where the ticket box and gateway to Storyworld await. Embark on a journey where storytelling becomes an interactive and enriching experience.

The opening days are from Monday to Sunday from 10.00 to 17.00. During schoolholidays Storywold has special events and is also open on Mondays.