How it all began!

The fact that we can now stretch our legs for free in the 140 hectares of the City Park is thanks to the late Jan Evert Scholten. The man has lived in Groningen and was one of the most wealthy Dutchmen in 1892. Generous as he was, he donated a large piece of land to the Stadjers in 1913 with the aim of creating a public park where everyone can go for sports, fun and relaxation.

Well done, right? Yet, it took a lot of effort. Landscape architect Leonard Springer was flown in to design the whole, and together with the Groningen director of municipal works J.A. Mulock Houwer, they devised a plan to transform the wasteland into a wonderful natural park, entirely in the English landscape style.

Of course, the two of them couldn't complete that job. Many hands make light work, and in order to give unemployed citizens a useful way to spend their time, numerous activities were carried out by unemployed people in the context of 'employment'. We will leave aside for a moment whether there was exploitation. They worked very hard for thirteen years to deliver a majestic park on a beautiful spring day.

The official but festive opening took place on May 19, 1926 in the Stadsparkpaviljoen. Unfortunately, Jan Evert was not allowed to experience it. He died in 1918. Shortly after his death, everything was put into action to create a worthy tribute. Eleven years after the opening, the imposing monument was placed at the end of Concourslaan. You can not ignore it.

What to do at Stadspark?

You can do a lovely round-walk through Stadspark and pass De Heemtuin. A botanical garden where you can enjoy peace and quietness. When you  continue your walk, you can pass a hugh Scottish Higlander. There a currently 3 living in the Stadspark. These animals won't hurt you if you let them stroll around in peace. 
In both the botanical garden and the surroundings of the Scottish, it is mandatory to keep your dog on a leash.
However in a big part of the Stadspark it is an unleashed dogzone, and there even is a dog playground in the middle of the park. There are some picknick benches as well. 

Activities with kids

Pony ride

Let your kids enjoy a ponyride or organise your kids party here.  From the first saturday in March until autumn-school holiday there are ponyrides. However if the sky is pouring, it is best to check if they are there.


Animal farm

Petting a cow, goats, funny guinea pigs and gigantic rabbits; all possible at the petting zoo. It has a free entrance, and you will have a full afternoon or morning of fun. Afterwards, you and your group can take a seat on the seats next to Het Groene Hart to enjoy a peanut butter sandwich or a fruity ice cream. 



The big playground in Stadspark is fenced and has several seats for the parents. However you will be tempted to  use the swing and do some sliding and climbing as well.
You will pass a deerpark as well.

Paviljoen 't Groene Hart

This pavilion is a catering facility in the Stadspark.
You can go here for coffee, tea, soft drinks, a pastry, lunch, ice cream and other treats. The Werkpro employees are happy to take care of this for you. Pavilion 't Groene Hart is located next to the petting zoo and the playground. Here you can rest for a while. Inside at a table or outside in the sun!

The Pavilion. It was designed by architect Eduard Gerds
It is a sustainable building. Almost all the material had a previous life. For example, the wood comes from a building that was demolished and the yellow stones were first located in the city center. The furniture is second-hand and the building uses green energy.

They organize nature activities.

The Tree Trail starts here, the treasure hunt at the petting zoo and the pavilion is also the meeting point for our excursions. We also organize exhibitions here. There are beautiful nature photos on the walls and the display cases contain interesting stuffed animals. It is also possible to rent the pavilion as a party or meeting location.

City Park Garden and Recreation Association

Tiny houses garden but more than that! You would say that the word covers it all, but there is a lot more to tell. A butterfly garden, food forest, toad pool. There apm. 205 garden sheds where people can live for a part of the year. But also a shared building with a beautiful terrace and extensive library, where young and old are welcome for workshops, craft afternoons and game and drinks evenings.

Garden and Recreation Association (TRV) City Park is a garden park, affiliated with the national association of allotment gardeners.

The Garden and Recreation Association has the highest distinction from the AVVN and the international diploma from the European organization Office National du Coin de Terre en des Jardins Familiaux with more than 3 million members.

TRV City Park offers a welcome addition to the city environment, it strengthens the ecological quality of the environment and improves the quality of life. Now and then a little chalet is being sold, however at first you have to be admitted by the board.



The life of wild bees and bumblebees is of inestimable value to human life. There is no way we can miss them, because they are responsible for about 90% of the pollination of flowers and plants. The Apiary stands firmly between the fences, but occasionally opens for visitors. On the site you will find more information, you can plan a visit or adopt a bee colony.
For more information and/or questions, visit

Chinese food at Ni Hao

This all you can eat restaurant is wellknown in Groningen. Easy to park and good Chinese food. There is a chocolate fountain and candy area so for kids it is a dream come true. To be honest, not only for the kids ;-) And maybe do a nice walk before or after the dinner.

Disc Golf

Take a look at the 12 Holes discgolf park. Right here in Stadspark Groningen. They organise matches as well. With a group of friends a nice activity to do.

You rent the discs at the Pavilion. Check the website for more information.



Stadspark Run

Do you like a run? Every saturday at 9 AM there is a Stadspark Run. Free entrance, fun and a friendly event. A weekly 5km event, organized for and by the local community. Everyone is welcome to participate, whether you walk, jog, run, volunteer or simply cheer on the runners from the sidelines. After the run there is a coffee break nearby at the sportpark. 


Event location

The former horse running course area has been transormed into an event location. Live music events like big famous artists come here, Rammstein, Guns n'Roses and so on! Also the wellknown circus Renz is yearly located at Stadspark during wintertime.  

For 3 years in a row there was a music event named Stadspark Live with wellknown international musicians. But in 2023 it was the last edition unfortunately. 



During these events the Stadspark is a crowded place. The camping of Stadspark is a nice camping with a restaurant. It has enough shade and places for tents, caravans and campervans. They also have seasonal spots and some chalets.