The Hoornseplas.

The ideal place for our city residents who want to enjoy the sun and splash in the water.
Above all, the beach at the Hoornseplas is very popular during sunny days.
The playground is next door, so families can indulge themselves.

In summer, besides the city beach, this is one of the most popular places in the city.

Boat or SUP

A big boat you don't need here, because the lake is not that large. There are several renters amongst the lake, also ones who offer elektrical boats. From the Hoornseplas you can go to the Paterswoldse meer, this is a larger lake where water sports enthusiasts can indulge themselves and where there is also the entrance to the canals of Groningen. Every sunday during the season there are also sailing contests.

Blue-green algae

There is a warning to be given at the Hoornseplas, please note that there may be blue-green algae after longer periods of heat.
Such warnings are given on the signs at the entrance, which also contain the house rules of the area.
There is also a naturist section, keep this in mind.


But when it freezes very hard in winter, this lake is  covered with a thick layer of ice.

Then it will certainly be packed with people and everyone puts on their skates. The little ones are dragged along on a sled. Even people that can't skate, will go for the wintersports athmosphere!