Hoge der A

Hoge der A

Hoge en Lage der A

A very popular must-see and many insta-worthy photos have been taken here. It could even be one of the most photographed hotspots of Groningen. The buildings are lovely around the quay.

The old warehouses along the deep reveal the activity of the past. Ships sailed back and forth here and you heard rattling wheels and the trampling of horses' hooves all day long.

While strolling along the quays, you will pass around 28 national monuments and 11 municipal monuments.

Like stepping into a painting. Ebb and flow In the past, a seal would sometimes swim past here. The city's oldest harbor district was directly connected to the sea for a long time.

Wait patiently until the water was the right height? The hurrying people of Groningen didn't have time for that. They built a high quay, the Hoge der A, for loading and unloading during high tide. On the other side of the deep, there was a low quay during low tide, the Lage der A.  So there is a big difference in heigth inbetween the 2 sides. This allowed trading to continue uninterrupted. Trade over the water has actually stopped, but the bustling activity has remained.

What to do here?

Several bars and cafés make the quays with their terraces the perfect stop during the warm days. If it rains or is cooler, you sit inside with a beautiful view of the moored ships. It is extra cozy here in the days just before Christmas. Then the Hoge and Lage der A form the backdrop for the busy WinterWelVaart event. Illuminated ships, a cozy Christmas market, live performances and mulled wine take over the quays. 

Rent a boat with a group or a SUB and enjoy the water of the canals. There are several companies where you can arrange this in Groningen. Or order a beer and look at the watersports from your terrace at Hoge der A.