Groningen City Hall

Groningen City Hall

This monument is the base of local democracy in Groningen. Renovated over the years.


Groningen's town hall is the stronghold of local democracy


And for more than two centuries it has been positioned in the middle of the Grote Markt. Also the result of the first architectural competition in the Netherlands in 1775. The architect is Jacob Otten Husly. It took until 1810 before the City Hall opened its doors for the first time. In any case, its neoclassical beauty makes it a national monument of the first order in the Netherlands. The Town Hall has been completely renovated in the years 2020-2022. There has been extensive renovation, renovation and sustainability. The approach has resulted in a renovated City Hall that meets current user requirements and is also sustainable and future-proof.

About the renovation

The renovation architect was Happel Cornelisse Verhoeven from Rotterdam, the contractor was Rottinghuis from Groningen. The approach was urgently needed. The building was worn out and deserved major maintenance after 25 years. The facades have been refreshed and renovated, the pillars have been cleaned. Double monumental glass has been installed and the paintwork again looks as befits an early neoclassical building from 1810. The building looks like a balanced whole again.


Inside, the council chamber has been spectacularly moved to the attic. It also means that a new impressive reception hall has been created on the ground floor. The always beautiful first floor has been given extra allure because all 80 pillars are marbled. The interior looks modest and exudes quality.



The building could be considered worn out in many respects and no longer met the requirements of today's functional and climate-technical requirements. City Hall has gotten rid of gas. A WKO system is now used. The energy label has gone from G to A+++ due to the sustainability improvements. The now completed approach to the nationally monumental City Hall was therefore not a luxury, but a necessity. Sustainability, restoration and internal renovation were intended to ensure that the Town Hall again meets current usage requirements and is future-proof.

Many familiar paintings from the extensive art collection, including of course the Horse Inspection by Otto Eerelman, are again hanging in the various rooms and corridors.

The renovation and conversion cost € 19.5 million and remained within the budget made available by the council. A video was made of the renovation that took more than 2 years. The official opening of the City Hall was on August 31, 2022. 

Guided tours

There will be guided tours of the Town Hall from the end of September 2023. Every Friday at 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM - excluding holidays and holidays. You can register for this via 

There is a maximum of 3 persons per tour and availability is depending on the work schedule of the municipality, because it is mainly used as an office.



Book Groningen City Hall


A book about the town hall was published in June 2023: Stadhuis Groningen – constantly up to date. Both the history and the renovation process of the building are described in detail. The very amply illustrated book was written by architectural historian Erik Dorsman and consists of 256 pages. Publisher is GRAS, Groningen. You can buy it in the bookstore for € 24.95.