Event location De Paalkoepel

Event location De Paalkoepel

The Pole Dome – A World of History and Delight

Discover the rich history of this beautiful location, once known as a tea house, but now a vibrant meeting place with a unique twist. While you enjoy the picturesque view and delicious cuisine, you can imagine yourself in the past.

A World Class Wine Cellar

In the distant past, this charming building served as the original teahouse, where tea was the drink of choice. But around the time of the First World War, something special was happening here. The South East Drenthe Water Board regularly met here, not for tea, but for something much more wonderful – a beautiful wine cellar, which quickly became known as one of the best in the region. Even the prominent Groningen water board chairman, Jan Evert Scholten, who was known as a staunch advocate of anti-alcoholism, could not resist the temptation of these extraordinary wines. He happily enjoyed the excellent selection he had personally preserved.

A Heritage of Greatness

The teahouse was built in 1908 by Jan Evert Scholten, son of Willem Albert Scholten, the founder of the potato processing industry. With his preference for the outdoors, he created an idyllic spot on the gravel road between Haren and Paterswolde, today known as the Meerweg. This is where his family and other prominent Groningen residents gathered on Sundays to enjoy the beautiful view and a refreshing cup of tea. And sometimes, as we now know, also from something other than tea.

A Dome on 25 Posts

At that time, prosperous families liked to build their 'tea domes' in the middle of nature. The elegant construction of De Paalkoelme was built on 25 piles in the water and belonged to the descendants of Jan Evert Scholten, the Oving-Scholten couple, until the late 1960s. To embellish the building, beautiful Art Nouveau etched windows were installed in the high entrance doors at that time, giving the building an extra touch of elegance.

A New Chapter
Unfortunately, between 1970 and 1983, the property fell into disrepair and became surrounded by overgrown shrubs. Only brave adventurers then dared to enter the place. Fortunately, better times returned when the 'Stichting Paalkoele' was founded in 1983 by Meerschap Paterswolde. With the support of the government, private individuals and foundations, the building underwent a metamorphosis. The rotten wooden foundation was replaced by a sturdy cellar with modern amenities, while the entire dome was carefully lifted and rebuilt. A beautiful renovation and expansion in 1984 made it possible to open the doors of Café Restaurant De Paalkoele again to the public on June 16 of that year.

Nowadays an eventlocation with a Culinary Experience
Today, Café Restaurant De Paalkoele offers a culinary experience with a touch of French-Mediterranean flavour. The kitchen staff and service staff work together to make a business lunch, wedding, dinner or party a resounding success.

From the restaurant you have a panoramic view over the picturesque Paterswoldsemeer and the breathtaking skyline of Groningen. It is a real treat for the senses.