De Kostery

De Kostery

Right under the Martinitower, located at Martinikerkhof 2 , 

De Kostery serves you a good breakfast, lunch, plateservice and a nice coffee.
Opens daily from 9 AM to 7PM. 


You can book them also for your private event from 15 to 100 guests, catering included.

De Kosterij is located in a historically special place.

Archaeological research has shown that the very first buildings of the city of Groningen (4th century BC).
was located here at the Martinikerkhof.

Since the 8th century archived documents mention Cruoninga, a
small settlement of simple farmers who settled here on a high spur of the Hondsrug.
During the centuries that followed it continued to expand further out. It is surrounded by wooden farms and with
tall tree-lined farmyard became a village square. In the center became a small one, in simple Romanesque style
church was built: St. Martin's Church.