Cinema RKZ

Cinema RKZ

The smallest cinema of Groningen

The RKZbios has distinguished itself for 40 years with its unique, varied programming.

The smallest cinema in the city of Groningen is run by volunteers - all living in the Oude RKZ - and is known for its casual atmosphere, well-fitting chairs, competitively priced drinks and excellent projection. Our film program appears every month on our website and Facebook page. We try to present the widest possible range of films to our visitors, mainly arthouse, classics and interesting Hollywood films. Each film is shown in the original language, with Dutch subtitles (unless otherwise stated).

The tickets are almost half the price of the commercial cinemas in Groningen and if yuou hold a Students and Stadjerspas you get even more discount. They have also multi tickets discounts.


This cinema is located in a former Hospital! 

The Roman Catholic Hospital, known in Groningen as RKZ, is a former Catholic hospital. On March 25, 1925 is has been opened on the Verlengde Hereweg in Helpman.

The old building on the Verlengde Hereweg, nowadays known as "Oude RKZ" or "ORKZ", is now a legalized squat. The building became vacant after the RKZ moved to the new complex in Corpus den Hoorn.

Stairwell in the ORKZ (1993)

The larges squatting complex in NL

After the RKZ moved out of the building, it was nominated for demolition by the municipality. Luxury owner-occupied homes would be built at the location. The Dutch squatting movement was at its height at the time, and it only took a few months for the Kraak Organization Groningen (KOG; a partnership of, among others, the Groninger Student Union, Vera and the Pacifist Socialist Party) and the less politically oriented Praktiese Kraakgroep Groningen to be established. (PKG) occupied the building on September 3, 1979. This made it the largest squatting complex in the Netherlands.

In 1985, squatting was legalized, initially as an experiment for five years, and the management of the building was transferred from the municipality to the residents. Today, about 250 people live there, some of whom also work on site (in studios, practice rooms, workshops, etc.).

Besides this cinema (the 'RKZBios), the ORKZ has an exhibition space, a day café, a small theater, an eatery, a pub, a concert hall, a giveaway shop and an organic shop.


The box office for the cinema opens half an hour before the start.

Online ticket reservations must be redeemed at least 15 minutes before the start.

Location: Emmastraat 15, 9722EW Groningen