Cinema Pathe Groningen

Cinema Pathe Groningen

Pathé Groningen is a multiplex cinema in the center of Groningen from cinema operator Pathé. Here you mainly watch commercial films.

The cinema contains 9 screens spread over 4 floors with a total capacity of 1500 seats. The largest room has 545 seats. On the ground floor, next to room 3, there is a Pathé Café with 120 seats.

There is a GO! Gaming hall where young and old can enjoy all kinds of games on Nintendo, PS5 and the most modern Alienware.

How it started

In 1993, MGM Netherlands announced its intention to build a large cinema complex in Groningen. The cinema was built on a parking garage that served as the basis for a never-realized four-star hotel. In 1995, Pathé Nederland took over the cinemas from MGM Nederland and in November 1995 the cinema at the Gedempte Zuiderdiep in Groningen opened its doors as Pathé Groningen.

In September 2012, the cinema underwent a renovation in which the foyer was reduced in size. A new self-service catering concept has been installed in the vacated space. This is at the entrance. You can then pay for your own popcorn, drinks or other snacks.


The cinema is located 600 meters from Groningen Central Station (main station). Various bus lines stop at a bus stop located near Pathé Groningen.
There is a parking garage with 93 spaces underneath the cinema.