Cinema Forum

Cinema Forum


For many years this movie theater was named 'Camera' and located at the Hereplein in Groningen.

When the Forum was finished, they moved the old 'Camera' into the new building!

Groninger Forum 


This movie theater located at the 5th floor, at Groninger Forum is worth a visit. They have a Moviebar where you can relax and get some drinks or snacks and the sphere is modern retro.

Cinne Ville Card

At this cinema you don't find the commercial movies. If you are a movie lover, we recommend to take a Cine Ville card, you can get a discount at the cinema at Forum Groningen. It is more than worth it!

You can also get discount at record and music store Plato in Groningen, but better not tell everybody!


Deluxe Camera 3

Did you know that hall 3 is extra luxurious? There are big leather lounge seatings to relax. And the space is huge. You could easily take a blanket and watch your movie on the most comfortable way you can imagine.