Noorderlicht International Photo Festival

Noorderlicht International Photo Festival

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Every year the International Photo Festival is organised by Noorderlicht. On several locations in the North of the Netherlands there are photo expositions and artists involved.


Discover thought-provoking photography

Noorderlicht, translating to Northern Light in Dutch, seeks to highlight the profound connection that exists within the multitude of images shaping our lives. 


Each year, various photographic genres seamlessly merge into a thematic narrative, resembling chapters in a captivating book. Regardless of the theme – whether it revolves around religion, conflict, nature, or globalization – the focus remains on our world or a world that may initially appear distant from our own.


Visual Culture

Noorderlicht is an international exhibition institution for engaged creators from around the world who utilize the photographic medium and engage in dialogue with the audience. They promote understanding and involvement in artistic societal narratives about what moves and touches people, facilitating their development. Photographic observation is the starting point, and the field of action is the visual culture.


Empowering emerging photographers

Noorderlicht is not just an organization; it is socially conscious, addressing not only environmental concerns but also playing a crucial role in educating young individuals on documentary photography. This involves conducting workshops, hosting lectures and discussions, and showcasing films.


An impression of ‘The Makeable Mind’  (2021)



2024 - New director Noorderlicht is Roosje Klap

Roosje Klap is set to become the new General Director of Noorderlicht, succeeding Kees van der Meiden, who will retire on May 1, 2024. He worked closely with her and her collective ARK at the exhibition of The Makable Mind in 2021.

Nicolette Bartelink, Chairperson of the Noorderlicht Board, expressed enthusiasm, stating, "The Noorderlicht board is thrilled to appoint Roosje Klap as the General Director. The board sees in her an inspiring leader who will provide an innovative boost to both the business and artistic direction of Noorderlicht. With her expertise, particularly in the realms of new media, technology, and research, she aligns perfectly with the future of the photographic medium."


Since graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Roosje Klap has built a national and international network in art, design, research, and education, primarily within the cultural sector. Her passion for photography manifested early in her career when she joined the experimental photo magazine Sec. (1998-2002) as an editorial member and contributor—a platform for young photographers and emerging visual artists. 



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