Parking in Groningen

Dec 15, 2023 • 4 minuten leestijd

Parking in Groningen


What if you are going on a weekend trip to Groningen and you don't want to depend on the public transport and don't have a private jet to land on the  Groningen Airport inEelde. And by foot and bike it will be too far away?

Then you take your car.


But you prefer to spend your money not on parking or you have a higher vehice that does not fit in a normal parking garage (the heighest in Groningen is 2.02m high). Or you just want the perfect spot nearby the city Center? Then read on!


Park for Free


Park it at a P&R site on the edge of the city and take the P&R bus to the center. Parking in such a site is free and a P+R return ticket to the center is not expensive. You can buy this ticket in the Qbuzz webshop or on the bus itself. You can leave your car as long as you want. Below is a handy overview of all P&R areas around the city:

P+R Kardinge, Kardingerplein 1.
P+R Hoogkerk, Peizerweg.
P+R Haren/A28, Emmalaan 35.
P+R Reitdiep, Friesestraatweg 251.
P+R Meerstad, Driebondsweg


The Cheapest Parking garage in Groningen


So you changed your mind, maybe because you have a really expensive car and you prefer to leave it indoors. But you want to have a bargain and are willing to do a little bit of walking. Then check this garage:


Circus Parking Garage


The Circus parking garage is the one and only cheapest commercial parking garage in Groningen. This parking is located underneath the 'De Beren' shopping center with 2 supermarkets, a liquor store, book store and a drug store and more.

Simple and affordable parking but not that well-known. We don't understand why, because did you know it is actually exact a 9 minutes walk to Grote Markt in Groningen? Maybe it is because it has only 2 charging spots for cars?

 But, if you have to be in the shopping center or on Korreweg this is ofcourse your parking.


The most expensive parking garage of Groningen


Okay, you are a princess. You choose to go shopping on your stiletto's and just don't want to walk the extra mile. You want to enjoy beauty and style, also when you are parking. You have a big car and want to see art when you have parked your car. Also, you wan't to be sure you can put your car on a charging point whilst you are living the good life in the city of Groningen.


Parking Forum


Since the opening of Groninger Forum, on November 29, 2019, you can park under Forum Groningen and it has high reviews from visitors.

Great parking, although certainly not the cheapest in Groningen City. But if you are looking for a garage on a prime location in the heart of the city center, then you found here what you are looking for! So, are you going for a day of shopping in the center of Groningen? Go early on the saturday if you want to be ensured of a spot. It can be full but then it is marked with a sign. Park very easily nearby in the Forum parking garage.

It is also the parking with the most charging points for elektrical cars.

The garage is bright and has a big LED artwork in the center. Check out the video:

The name of the artwork is 'Wervel'.





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