Best cafes to work from in Groningen

Oct 31, 2023 • 7 minuten leestijd

Best cafes to work from in Groningen

In the city of Groningen there has been a 'growing trend in remote work' over the past years, especially since the pandemic, which speeded up the shift towards more flexible work arrangements. 



Why is Groningen considered as a walhalla to remote workers?


As a digital nomad Groningen offers a good digital infrastructure.
There is high-speed internet and reliable connectivity available almost everywhere, making it a good place for remote work. 



Co-Working Spaces 

The city has a good amount of co-working spaces and shared offices that provide a professional environment for remote workers. 
These spaces offer facilities such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and networking opportunities.



Groningen has an excellent cycling infrastructure so as a office- worker you can easily switch your workspot.
You make a break, catch your bike and go to another cafe to work from. It is so easy!


But if you are a remote worker and unknown in Groningen, where do you go?



We have made a 'shortlist' of 10 of the best remote work cafes in Groningen for digital nomads. There is also the wellknown platform named where you can check out more locations and cities for the best cafes to work remotely.


1    Fernweh

We mentioned this location already in our dogfriendly cafe list, but did you know this is especially a nice place to work from? 
At Fernweh, their goal is to create an inclusive social hangout spot where the Libertas residents and locals can feel at home away from home. Wow, how amazing. We love it.

The nearest hotel is the Social Hub, so here you can book a room of even stay for a short time whilst in Groningen.


2    Coffee Break



This spacious coffee cafe is light and bright. The kitchen is healthy and almost fully vegetarian. You have a nice view on the bustling Gedempte Zuiderdiep.




3     Food Matterz



A lovely place in an authentic building with an amazing view over the Canals. Maybe less big but if you have a nice window spot, you can work for hours and enjoy their sandwiches, yoghurt specialities. Open from breakfast time until late afternoon.




4    Koffiestation Riemer


Our favourite bookstore where you feel at home as well. Enjoy the athomsphere and quietness of the bookstore and good coffee at Koffiestation. Good place to work comfortably. PS. they do more, they offer coffee workshops and sell their own coffees in their webshop. Also they have a coffee mini van on the Vismarkt each saturday.



5    Groninger Forum


Maybe it does not belong in the list of cafes, but it is a perfect place to do some extensive working. There are enough cafes inside to catch a lunch, but here you can also bring food yourselves and search for a good public spot to work from. Also if you like quietness, go sit at the library.

Nearby best hotel is the Market Hotel 



6   Barista Cafe Astraat



Reasonably new in the list of cafes, is Barista Cafe Astraat. They also have a location in Paddepoel.
Spacious place where you can work well, but bring your headseat because it is popular and can be busy.
If you book something nearby, you could book the apartment St. Patricks.
pstt... here you can also work from your home away from home ;-)


  7  Douwe Egberts Cafe


If you like an anonimous working place and good table service with an app, then this is your place to work. Perhaps you have booked some nights at Miss Blanche nearby, the boutique aparthotel that we can recommend. And have a dinner in the pub below at De Sigaar.



8    Prinsenhof Brasserie


Prinsenhof Hotel has a very nice brasserie for a good lunch. It is big and has a good athmosphere. Not too crowded and noisy! So here you could easily work for some hours and get some fresh air with a stroll along Martinikerkhof inbetween.



9   Paais



Just around the corner at Hotel The Happy Traveler, here you can have lunch and also work. This place has also special teas and you can choose from homemade pies.  



Did we miss a place? Please PM us!


Black & Bloom


Edit: If you really take coffee seriously, you take the time to drink it inbetween your work. You close your laptop and enjoy a good cup of coffee and take a well - deserved break.

Then you need to go to this place.

It is definitely not a remote working space, it is just The Place to enjoy an excellent cup of coffee. 
Single Origins, Espresso from the Synesso, Microroaster, Filter at the Brewbar, Hario, Kalita, Aeropress, Cosy Atmosphere, home-made cakes and bakes.
We have been sending our guests to Gerben and his team for many years. And check the funny chalkboard on the road, always with a catchy phrase on it!

Nearby best hotel is Hotel Halbert with Restaurant Blumé which is also mentioned in the Michelin Guide.


Despite the challenges (work/life balance, isolation, different time zones), the overall landscape of remote work in Groningen remains favorable, with the city continuously evolving to accommodate and support this flexible way of working. With its conducive environment, digital infrastructure, and community support, Groningen continues to be an appealing destination for remote workers both within the Netherlands and internationally.

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